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Mainiac Mac is a filtered, mildly carbonated hard cider made primarily from McIntosh apples mixed with a blend of other varieties of apples. The result is a naturally sweet drink with a fruity expression of Maine. With its mild carbonation, crisp finish, and full apple taste you'll be reminded of biting into a fresh picked McIntosh apple.
Gluten Free: Yes
Alcohol By Volume: 5%
Available: Year-round
Available in: 6 pack cans, 12 pack cans, 1/6 kegs, and 1/2 kegs

All of Ricker's Hard Cider products are made with only the highest quality apples, which have been grown on the family farm since 1803.

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Ricker's Hard Cider

11 Ricker Hill Road

Turner, ME 04282


Phone: (207)225-6165

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